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Look Out Above! – the young professional’s guide to success – will have you blazing a new trail of personal discovery and transformation. Co-written with clarity and humor by a young professional and a seasoned executive, LOA! will serve you well throughout your career, wherever you go and whatever you do…with lessons that are timeless and actionable.

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It’s what we call the LOA! Way

The guidance and insight provided in Look Out Above! is intended for those who are in the first five or so years of their working life after completing college or graduate school. Whether you’re working at a for-profit, a non-profit, or in government, working for others, or running your own business, Look Out Above! will help you be different and stand out while fitting in.


The Slater team has a unique way of engaging audiences with substantive, humorous, and motivating presentations. Attendees leave their events with enhanced skills and knowledge that better prepare them to meet workplace challenges.

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“Recognize that the audience empathizes with you and wants you to succeed, if for no other reason than it’s in their best interest. They want the benefit you promised from your presentation. Only a jackass or rival for that next promotion hopes you struggle with your presentation.”

- Nick Slater


Are you prepared to make a meaningful impact at your company? Bob and Nick’s assessment will help you determine if you have the critical soft skills for career success – and, if not, what to do about it!

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