The Essential Guide to Developing Critical Workplace Skills

Look Out Above!

The Young Professional’s Guide to Success

You’re bright, talented, and likely credentialed from a college or university. As you may have noticed, however, academic success has a short shelf life in the real world. What matters now is accomplishment, which, in turn, depends on your ability to contribute, write, present, pitch ideas, lead, and advocate in the manner valued in the workplace.

Look Out Above! is your guide for developing these critical workplace skills. In a crowded market, we’ve not seen anything like it. The value here is threefold:
• Practical, proven, real-world content
• A focused, less-is-more approach
• Dual perspectives from a young professional and a seasoned executive.

Each chapter does the job of an entire book to provide you with the greatest benefit in the least amount of time. Look Out Above! will help you get ahead and stay ahead.

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