You’re bright, talented, and likely recently credentialed from a college or university. You’re in pursuit of a fulfilling career and may have a year, or a few years, under your belt as a young professional. But have you noticed something? Academic success has a short shelf life in the real world. In reality, the workplace isn’t as structured and reliable as you may have hoped, and as you may have been led to believe. Career paths aren’t as clearly defined, and simply showing up and doing what you’re told isn’t enough.

The reality is, success and advancement require a different set of skills than we were taught. What matters now is accomplishment, which, in turn, depends on your soft skills—that is, your ability to contribute, write, present, pitch ideas, lead, work with others, make decisions, think critically, problem solve, and advocate in the manner valued in the workplace.

So how do you stack up in mastering the soft skills necessary to realize your potential? We’ve created this self-assessment to objectively evaluate your mastery of certain critical soft skills to see if we can help take you and your career to the next level. Please answer each of the following questions in reference to your current or most recent job. Afterward, you’ll receive our recommendations and next steps for supercharging your job performance.

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