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Our new book Look Out Above! examines the critical soft skills required for professional success: Contribute, Write, Present, Pitch, Lead, and Advocate. We also explore the transformation process as you develop confidence and learn to trust your own judgment.

Thanks for taking the assessment. Here’s how you scored on each skill:

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Please see below tailored material in the area where the assessment shows you could use the most improvement.


It looks like you could use some help learning how to present more effectively in the workplace. To further your career, you want opportunities to present. It means you’re in the game and visible. The tips we offer here should serve you throughout your entire career – starting with providing support to your boss and colleagues, and then when you’re flying solo.

A good presentation is nothing without good organization, so let’s cover your presentation structure. Your structure must address the five key questions every audience has. When speaking to an audience, make sure you always address the following:

  • The Topic – the reason to meet, the matter to discuss, the issue to be decided
  • Your Objective – what you intend to accomplish
  • Their Benefit – why the listener should care about your presentation
  • Your Message – what you want them to know
  • Your Call to Action – what the audience could, should, or must do next

Now, here’s where it gets good. By following the seven-step structure that follows, you’ll address each of these items. This template will become your secret sauce – use it in presentations, both small and large, to deliver an audience-focused message.

  1. Use an Opening Gambit
  2. State Your Topic, Objective, and Audience Benefit
  3. Preview Your Call to Action
  4. Provide a Roadmap and Time Forecast
  5. Deliver Your Message
  6. Quickly Review Your Best Points
  7. End with a Call to Action

And there you have it! Well, not quite. If that’s really all there is to it, we’d all be master presenters. But at the very least, you now have the foundation for a knock-out presentation. For an in-depth exploration of each of these steps, plus guidance on graphics and delivery, pick up a copy of Look Out Above! and direct your attention to Chapter Three. And while you have the book, check out the other chapters, too. We promise they’re worth your while.