How to Say No at Work Without Feeling Guilty… or Hurting Your Career

How to Say No at Work Without Feeling Guilty or Hurting Your Career - Bob Slater & Nick Slater - Look Out Above! The Young Professional's Guide to Success

“It’s only by saying no that you can concentrate on the things that are really important.” Steve Jobs You are anything but a slacker. You’re a team player, and you like your job, your company, and the people you work with. But you’re operating at maximum capacity. And here comes your manager to throw more […]

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Working Remotely – How to Rock It!

Working Remotely - Bob & Nick Slater - Look Out Above!

“Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.” Benet Wilson, writer and entrepreneur It’s not the work environment you expected, but it is the work environment you’ve got. Your career goals and aspirations haven’t changed, so how do you stay on track? How do you stand out while fitting in, and differentiate yourself, while working remotely? Consider: […]

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You’re on Mute! How to Crush Virtual Meetings

“A party without alcohol is just a meeting.” Anonymous Reminiscent of the “You’ve got mail” from decades ago, “You’re on mute” is today’s oft-repeated Zooming phrase mouthed (while frantically pointing to mouth or ear) to someone whose lips are moving with no audio. Other virtual meeting gaffes and time-wasters include forgetting to mute, fumbling to […]

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