The Black Swan: Achieving Personal Growth During the Pandemic

“I’ll bet Larry’s in heaven. He been trying to social distance for years.” Cheryl Hines, referring to Larry David The COVID-19 pandemic is the epitome of a dreaded “black swan” event – an unforeseen, out-of-the-ordinary event of devastating impact. Economies the world over are shut down in an attempt to slow the spread of the […]

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Creating a Culture of Candor in the Workplace


“Jack was always direct, but his frankness was appealing and effective.” Jeffrey Immelt, successor to Jack Welch as General Electric CEO Former General Electric (GE) CEO Jack Welch died earlier this week. While this news perhaps evokes a “Who was he?” response from Millennials and Gen Z’ers, Baby Boomers know Welch as the brash “celebrity” […]

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Who’s Best for Your Next Meeting: Bob and Nick, or Prince Harry?

King's Speech

Queen Elizabeth: My husband is required to speak publicly. Lionel Logue: Perhaps he should change jobs. Queen Elizabeth: He can’t. Lionel Logue: Indentured servitude? Queen Elizabeth: Something of that nature, yes.” From the film, “The King’s Speech” Well, not a speech from the king exactly, but a speech from the 6th in line to be […]

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What Is Your Workplace Readiness Score?

Are you prepared to make a meaningful impact at your company? Bob and Nick’s assessment will help you determine if you have the critical soft skills for career success – and, if not, what to do about it.

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