Who’s Best for Your Next Meeting: Bob and Nick, or Prince Harry?

Who’s Best for Your Next Meeting: Bob and Nick, or Prince Harry?

King's Speech

Queen Elizabeth: My husband is required to speak publicly.

Lionel Logue: Perhaps he should change jobs.

Queen Elizabeth: He can’t.

Lionel Logue: Indentured servitude?

Queen Elizabeth: Something of that nature, yes.”

From the film, “The King’s Speech”

Well, not a speech from the king exactly, but a speech from the 6th in line to be the king, right after nephew Louis who turns two years old in April. We speak, of course, of Prince Harry, who recently announced that he and bride Meghan Markel (collectively, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex) are going to split from the royal family (“Megxit”) and become financially independent. No more indentured servitude for them.

But how will they become financially independent? you query, with a worried look. Despite rumors to the contrary, Harry will not be taking a barista opening at a Vancouver Island Starbucks. Instead, Harry plans to give speeches – speeches at $500,000 a pop. A price even more dear than the $200,000 to $300,000 commanded by “celebrities” such as Nicole Kidman and Diane Keaton. And, per one source, not only will Harry “easily command” such a price, but he can raise his fee if he’ll take Q&A! Perhaps due to our thrifty upbringing, even if Harry were to offer a juicy “tell-all” (seems unlikely), we find it hard to fathom how any organization with anything resembling a mission (not to mention shareholders) could justify paying such a sum. More likely is a dumbfounded board demanding of its CEO, “You paid what?”

Here’s an alternative idea.

Hire the Look Out Above! team to speak to your team. Our mission is to grow the next generation of young professionals. We wrote Look Out Above! to fill the gap between what is taught in college and graduate programs and the practical skills required for a successful career. Namely, how to Contribute, Write, Present, Pitch, Lead, and Advocate in the manner value in the workplace. Our presentations offer the dual perspectives of both a young professional and a seasoned executive, with practical, proven, real-world content and a focused, less-is-more approach. 

Respectfully submitted, not only will our presentations accelerate the development and contribution of your team, but we’re “board friendly.” At current rates we must give 167 presentations for every one of the Duke’s to keep pace. What’s more, we toss in the Q&A for free!

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